Dying to Go – the latest Kat Kelly mystery – available now!

Just in time for the holidays, the 5th book in the Kat Kelly series, Dying to Go, is available in both paperback and ebook version!

Hell is other people…or more specifically other Americans. That’s what Kat Kelly realizes when she and her childhood friend, Adam, decide to rent an Italian villa and invite their friends from home to stay.

Kat’s dreams of languid “la dolce vita” days are soon dashed when she becomes an innkeeper to a cast of high-maintenance guests including a brash-talking, fast-driving stuntwoman; Adam’s boss who is boorish when he’s drinking— and when he’s not; the boss’s girlfriend who looks like a model, drinks like a sailor and seems oblivious to her boyfriend’s behavior; and a documentarian with a penchant for sad stories and an allergy to gluten, dairy, alcohol—pretty much all of Italy. To make it worse, it’s an unusually rainy spring in the Italian countryside, so they’re stuck in the house together—and Kat is dying to get out.

Fortunately for Kat, there’s always a dead body around the corner to break up the monotony. And when someone is found dead at the villa, all of the guests become suspects. So along with her partner in crime Sunny, and their husbands Mike and Nino, Kat sets about proving their innocence while uncovering the identity of the real killer—and enjoying her vacation, too.

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