We Are So Fucked

Sorry for the language, but honestly if that’s still bothering you, you must not be reading the news. I am and all I can say is, “We are so fucked.” And once again, Steve Cohen has helped me say it. Special thanks to Jon Hotchkiss & Aaron Barrocas. Full transcript below.

“You fucking ignorant people”

…Are words that echo through my head on a loop as I read the news and think about the dummies and diehards who voted for this bigoted toddler and who continue to defend him. To be fair, I have just as much bile for the people who voted for him and then realized they may have made a mistake. You mean that healthcare I wanted him to take away, that was my healthcare? You mean that undocumented person I wanted deported, was my undocumented person?

“Yes, you fucking morons. You hateful stupid people.”

…Are all unfiltered thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis that I don’t say out loud. I am so fucking mad at you, America. Not the majority of us who voted for Hillary Clinton. But the pissy little minority of you who wanted to make America great again and only proved with your misogyny and stupidity and hate how not great we truly are. I know we’re supposed to be “reaching you” but there’s no reaching you. You’re as proud of your ignorance and mediocrity as a person is of being ½ Irish at their 3rd pub on St Patrick’s Day. There’s no reaching you. There’s just going down with you.   Your ignorance is as vast as the hole in the ozone that you don’t think exists. Which is 11 million square miles by the way. Let me put that in terms you’ll understand: that’s 3.66 times the amount of votes that Hillary got more than Trump. So you know, it’s a lot.

I read the news and wonder just what the fuck you were thinking. Did you just hate people of color or Muslims or Mexicans or women or LGBTQ persons or Jews? Did you just hate all of us? Is it just that you don’t like abortion and you thought that the serial cheater and pussy grabber who joked that he wanted his mistress to get one was going to outlaw it? Did you not know that the number of abortions actually goes down during a Democratic president? Or do you not care about actually solving a problem, just beating your breast in smug self-righteousness about it? Did you think Trump was going to bring your job back, the man who imports his goods from China and his wife from Manhattan every weekend at our expense and hires foreign workers to pick his grapes and work at his golf club? Do you really think corporations can just pour their chemicals and waste into our drinking water and you’re not going to get sick? Did you think you’d still have healthcare if you did? Just so you know, cancer from a pesticide is guaranteed to be a pre-existing condition, much like hate, which you also suffer from.

“Or is just that you’re astoundingly, painfully, willfully and proudly fucking stupid?”

Is another thing that goes through my head that I don’t say out loud. That these thoughts help no one is clear, but seriously, what is going to help us these days? I mean some subpoenas handed down by anyone who wasn’t beholden to the Grand Old Party of Russia would help, but since the guy in charge of the Department of Justice, Attorney General Roscoe P. Coltrane, lied under oath about meeting with Russia, I don’t expect we’ll see that anytime soon. Instead we’ll see a bunch of judges bullied for actually doing their job and I’m guessing a lot more cops shooting unarmed black men and getting away with it.

Dear Reader, we are so fucked.

And now let me address our comrades in the Republican Party. Republic of what, I’m no longer sure. Mordovia? Tuva? Chechnya? Which Russian Republic are you? Kazak-sham? Lie-beria? You are no longer the party of patriotism. You no longer get to be the party who shoved Ronald Reagan’s proud to be an American bullshit down our throats when you are making us fight you tooth and nail for the very freedoms and rights that make us an American to begin with. You do not get to look the other way as the freedom of the press is undermined with blatant lies, lack of access and late night tweets bullying them or be silent as the Chief of Staff threatens to abolish the 1st Amendment and our President says the Constitution is archaic and checks and balances a bad thing for the country. (WE ARE SO FUCKED!) You do not get to be moral with us when your leader brags about grabbing women by their genitals without their consent. You do not get to be a patriot when you are doing all you can to bury and stall an investigation into a foreign country interfering with our election, the most basic tenet of our democracy. When you look the other way at the people in our administration who had contact with these foreign powers, who took money from them, who flew to meet with them in their own country and then came home and changed political platforms to benefit them.

And oh, Mike Pence, you lying, two-faced Christian. I don’t believe in god, but you do. Let’s say you’re right and there is a god. Do you think he’s going to look at what you’re doing kindly? You have helped none of god’s children, only turned your back on the most needy among us gleefully gutting healthcare for the poor elderly and the disabled. Instead you have suborned lies. And what if god’s a woman? Do you have to wait for Mother to get there for you to get into heaven?

No, Republicans you don’t get to be the party of god and Christianity any more either. You’re giving all of the good Christians who are out there trying to do something decent a bad name. If you’re Christian & voted for Trump, Jesus would walk on the other side of the street & pretend to be on the phone if he saw you coming.

Dear GOP Senators and Congresspersons, why are you here? What purpose are you serving? Is it just to line your pockets, you cowards? Seriously, what is the point of you? You are selling this country to the highest bidder and not doing a blessed thing to help your constituents. You don’t care if they drink clean water or get treated if they’re sick or if their families are broken up or if they get sent to fight wars in Syria or North Korea or if they are losing their jobs to people from other countries not because we closed the coal mines, but because the truth is that you won’t give a kid a decent enough education in this country that we can remain competitive with people from the other countries where they do.

If you want to Make America Great Again, first America has to want to be great.

We don’t want to spend money on education, which is fine because a certain segment of the population doesn’t want to be educated. They look down their noses at people who want to learn something or be informed. They don’t recognize a blatant lie when it is proven to be one and they think science is make-believe but religious zealotry somehow real – as long as it’s Christian. These people don’t like facts. They’re certainly not going to dig learning, which is chock fucking full of them.

For America to be great again, it needs to still be America, not the latest pawn in a Russian scheme to destabilize Europe.

We are so fucked!

Dear people who voted for this mess, I want to hear you say you’re sorry. I want you to apologize for sticking me with Gorsuch for the rest of my life, a man who doesn’t understand the medical facts of the female reproductive system, but rules on it all the same. I want you to apologize for the people flashing white power hand signals in the White House because you voted for a man who appointed white supremacists to work in it. I want to hear you say you were too ignorant or too lazy to research one damn thing or read a website that wasn’t Fox or Breitbart. I want you, too, to say we’re fucked. I don’t expect to hear you say you’re sorry, but boy will you be. Because when all of this is over you will have nothing that you wanted.

We may be so fucked. But so are you.



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