Hillary Clinton’s Day Off

Hillary Clinton Fan Fiction
I’m With Her Stories – Hillary Cinton Fan Fiction: Hillary Clinton’s Day Off

A month or so ago I started writing Hillary Clinton Fan Fiction after everyone started bitching about where she was during the women’s march and I posted this mini-rant on Facebook:

“Where was Hillary? I don’t know. Maybe taking a nap. Or getting a massage. Or hopping a jet to Paris. Or reading a fucking book. Or binge-watching Fleabag. Or masturbating to Pride & Prejudice. Or playing with her fucking grandkids. Or drinking wine with Betsy Ebeling. Or buying a pair of fuck me pumps. Or going to goddamn pilates. Or eating oysters by the ocean. Or any of the fucking things that she has given up for the last 35 years. We made this mess. She tried to fix it. Stop riding her like that goddamn horse in Gone with the Wind. She carried you out of Atlanta. Stop whipping her because you didn’t realize it was burning and now you need to get back home.”

I realized that I enjoyed writing about what she might be doing so much, I wrote a whole essay about it. And I enjoyed that so much, I couldn’t stop and wrote 2 more. And then I performed them all in one night. It made me strangely happy in a way I hadn’t been since 11/8/16. It was like having a beloved pet pass away and just wanting to know they were in a better place. That’s how the stories make me feel: like Hillary is in a better place.

So here’s the first episode of my Hillary Clinton Fan Fiction, Hillary Clinton’s Day Off, shot by Steve Cohen at Muse, Studio City. Special thanks to Justine Ungaro, Gary Kordan, Renee Harvey, Aaron Barrocas, Robin Budd, Megan Betley & Chris McGuire.



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