Grab the Good Times While You Can

Grab the good times

Last night we entertained for the first time since New Year’s and had a group of 7 for dinner. We all stood around the kitchen talking and drinking the excellent wine our guests had brought while we cooked. As food was ready we just plated it and stood around eating it without even sitting down. We opened an 8-year-old bottle of Bordeaux that someone had given us as a gift just ‘cuz. We then watch a campy 1965 Italian film that imagined life in the 21st century, and other than thinking Pan Am would still be around, it was eerily prescient. (And that’s just what we understood.)

The talk was frequently politics, as it is going to be for a very long while, and people were alternately fearful, outraged and incredulous, as we’re going to be for a very long while. The important thing was we were not alone. We got together to eat some good food and drink some good wine and remind ourselves that we have each other. If you’ve read any of my book, you’ll know that this has always been important to me. And now it is more important than ever. I urge every one of us to grab the good times while we can, create these moments as much as possible and always remind each other that we are not alone.


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