Blanket Installation: Day 1 1
The Husband and I like to call Bologna “the Boston of Italy” which really sends the wrong message if you’ve ever met a drunk Red Sox fan, lived through the bus riots, or were the victim of a mass cover up by the Catholic Church. When I say Bologna is […]

The Boot Camp: Part 7 – Bologna

Rodham 16
My husband and I have similar careers. We’re both writers and while our careers have take different trajectories at times, we both write for TV and even more specifically, comedy/variety. As a woman, I have often been in his shadow and have worked hard to earn my own reputation as […]

Why I Won’t Be Silent for Hillary

  Cinque Terre roughly means the 5 towns, which is exactly what it is: 5 towns on the Ligurian coast between Genoa and La Spezia. The towns are famous for being connected by a series of hikes ranging from the very intense to a mere stroll. It’s rocky, dramatic coastline, […]

The Boot Camp: Part 6 – Cinque Terre

Gnocchi in Poppi saved the day! 1
    There’s a reason Tuscany is one of the most talked about destinations in Italy. Tuscany is a unicorn; a mythological creature that doesn’t exist except in fairy tales, but part of us still holds out the hope of finding one some day anyway. Tuscany is like a hot […]

The Boot Camp: Part 5 – Tuscany

Villa Cimbrone
  About five years ago we planned a trip to the Amalfi coast. Technically we planned it six years ago. When figuring out where to go on our 2009 trip, we thought we would be really clever if we split up the research. What that meant was that I would […]

The Boot Camp: Part 4 – The Amalfi Coast

Actualy the view from our room at the Mezzatorre. Couldn't find the one from Punta Chiarito. But you get the idea.
  When we were planning our Amalfi coast trip, we were looking for a place to spend our last couple of nights and thinking of the island of Capri, in keeping with our Crowded/Less Crowded/Remote plan.  A friend of ours said, “Go to Ischia.”   Ischia is an island about […]

The Boot Camp: Part 3 – Ischia

Ara Pacis
    When people tell me they didn’t like Rome, it’s like they told me they don’t like sunsets or puppies or Elvis Costello. Sure on the cuddly scale, Rome is less puppy and more Costello, but like the musician, Rome has a large body of work that encompasses a […]

The Boot Camp Part 2: Roman Holiday

Tess writing Italy 1
When it comes to Italy, I belong in a 12 step program. I am powerless over Italy. I start getting a jones to go every January and it’s all I can think about until I’m actually there, at which point I’m already thinking about the next time I’m going to […]

The Boot Camp – Advice on Traveling to Italy Part ...

Last night I was drinking and free-associating in the shower. And my thoughts turned to a friend who had gotten pregnant at 40 something.  I thought she had dodged the bullet of no one having to talk about her in hushed tones about her “struggle.”   For those of you […]

War Womb

I hate the term “politically correct.” Which isn’t to say I hate the spirit behind it. I’m all about that. I just think it fails to accurately describe the intentions or the behavior. And even worse, it’s become a term loaded with derogatory meaning in an effort to undermine the […]

For the Love of a god That It’s Totally Cool ...