get people to leave 2
I entertain a lot which means I stay up drinking and talking with people well past the hour when I should be in bed.   Even on “school nights” when The Husband and I swear a blood oath to each other that we will be finished by a very specific […]

How to Get People to Leave

The Husband and I dine out too much. The proof is there every year in the Amex statement, right under the section marked “restaurants,” usually prominently displayed near the top, somewhere around “grocery stores” and “wine.” We like to eat. We like good food. We like good wine. Now to […]

Guilt Free Eating

    There’s a reason Tuscany is one of the most talked about destinations in Italy. Tuscany is a unicorn; a mythological creature that doesn’t exist except in fairy tales, but part of us still holds out the hope of finding one some day anyway. Tuscany is like a hot […]

The Boot Camp Part 5: Tuscany

food allergies
Since I was about 12 years old I have suffered from food allergies. OK maybe not suffered. That sounds like I spent some portion of time shut up in a dark room, asking Jo to show me the seagulls one last time, like I’m Beth at the end of Little […]

Food Allergies: The Sweet & The Sour

entertaining 7
The Husband and I are serial entertainers whose schedule has just changed drastically. This has presented some challenges as to when we can do our serially entertaining. Like Dexter, the pressure of my “dark passenger” not being able to plan a dinner for 6 two nights a week has built […]

A Light Supper Will Be Served