It’s the first full week of September and numerous news items leave me shaking with rage – or fear – or both on a daily basis. It seems impossible to believe that just 2 months ago I was in a place so magical I ceased caring about even eating, and […]

The Boot Camp Part 13: The Island of Salina

Whenever we land in Rome I never know what to expect, at least from ourselves. The Ancient City boasting still standing structures thousands of years old is constant; airlines and people, not so much. Will we be on time? We will be overcome by jetlag and unexpectedly sleep until noon? […]

The Boot Camp part 12: Rome Redux

Hey DCCC do I need to really write this letter? Do I need to tell you that no one has time for this shit? We are engaged in a war on all fronts right now and you just decided to turn a gun on the people in the trenches with […]

Dear DCCC…

senator Dianne Feinstein Town Hall 3
Dear Elected Representatives, In the last 3 weeks I have been at meetings with 5 of you, 3 of whom are my actual Senators and Congressperson. In each of these instances you answered questions from the audience and in all but one, none of those questions were mine. That’s not […]

Dear Elected Representatives

collusion 4
Sorry for the language, but honestly if that’s still bothering you, you must not be reading the news. I am and all I can say is, “We are so fucked.” And once again, Steve Cohen has helped me say it. Special thanks to Jon Hotchkiss & Aaron Barrocas. Full transcript […]

We Are So Fucked

Hillary Clinton 3
Every since the election I’ve wanted to write Hillary Clinton a card but couldn’t even think about it without crying. These stories are my love letter to her. The latest version is a parody of a spy thriller so I was trying to find a play on spy novels when […]

The C*nt Who Said Donald Trump Was Red in October

Hillary Clinton #Imwithherstories 7
A month or so ago I started writing Hillary Clinton Fan Fiction after everyone started bitching about where she was during the women’s march and I posted this mini-rant on Facebook: “Where was Hillary? I don’t know. Maybe taking a nap. Or getting a massage. Or hopping a jet to Paris. […]

Hillary Clinton’s Day Off

coping with trump 2
Last night we entertained for the first time since New Year’s and had a group of 7 for dinner. We all stood around the kitchen talking and drinking the excellent wine our guests had brought while we cooked. As food was ready we just plated it and stood around eating […]

Grab the Good Times While You Can

A week ago I heard the news story about the Girl Scouts marching in the Inaugural parade. A week later I am still thinking about it. Initially I started to dismiss it. I mean, there’s so much to be outraged about, what’s this one more thing? My experiences with the […]

How the Cookie Crumbles