“It’s here! The Red, the Fed & the Dead Pre-Sale!”

I couldn’t be more thrilled and delighted to unveil the cover of my upcoming mystery, The Red, the Fed and the Dead. The photo was expertly captured by real-life husband, Chris McGuire and beautifully designed by Tony Puryear. This book finds Kat & Mike vacationing at an Italian castle during the rainy season and will make the perfect winter read with a glass of red wine or a hot beverage. Pre-order your ebook today! Paperback link coming soon!

“Marriage can be the death of you…”

So thinks Kat Kelly when she agrees to her husband Mike’s plan to return to Italy during the rainy season. Fortunately, they have plenty of red wine to take the chill off. After two days in the damp city of Bologna, known for its food, its university and its communist tendencies—a.k.a.“The red, the fed & the learned”—the couple meet up with friends Sunny and Nino at a Medieval castle in the Emilia-Romagna countryside. There they discover the acetaias that produce the thirty-year-old extra Vecchio balsamic vinegar; the dairies that make the world-famous Parmesan Reggiano; and, of course, more than one dead body.

So once again, Kat and Sunny go hunting for clues while also hunting for truffles, with an international cast of suspects that includes a Ghanaian-Italian professor; a Canadian food consultant with mysterious ties to the castle; an American tech millionaire-turned-winemaker; and two feuding Michelin-starred chefs who just happen to be brothers. Kat’s insatiable appetite for both food and answers leads her to uncover an old mystery that travels all the way back to the German occupation and the American Buffalo soldiers who liberated Italy, and to the economic boom and pop music explosion of the fifties and sixties.


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