A week ago I heard the news story about the Girl Scouts marching in the Inaugural parade. A week later I am still thinking about it. Initially I started to dismiss it. I mean, there’s so much to be outraged about, what’s this one more thing? My experiences with the […]

How the Cookie Crumbles

I entertain a lot which means I stay up drinking and talking with people well past the hour when I should be in bed.   Even on “school nights” when The Husband and I swear a blood oath to each other that we will be finished by a very specific […]

How to Get People to Leave

We’ve just celebrated an anniversary, or as it’s become known in the 21st century, “Bask in the glow of our perfect and loving relationship via social media” day. My heart still goes all aflutter every time The Husband writes something nice about me on Facebook and while I don’t think […]

To Love, Cherish & Judge All Others

  “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” …Is how a bullshit meme on Facebook goes. You’ve probably seen it over a picture of a sunset or a lotus or a Native American.   […]


“How are you?”  The simple and polite inquiry should not fill me with the dread it does. It’s a basic social grace that we work hard to instill in children and awkward adults. Yet despite how much I know people mean well and need to be taught to say it […]

How Are You?

Somewhere in Boston there exists footage of me being interviewed about what it’s like to be a female comic. I was brand new and sharing the spotlight with two veteran female comics. Inevitably the question came up about how we were being treated by male comics. Me and my ponytail […]

Girl Comic Interrupted

My husband and I have similar careers. We’re both writers and while our careers have take different trajectories at times, we both write for TV and even more specifically, comedy/variety. As a woman, I have often been in his shadow and have worked hard to earn my own reputation as […]

Why I Won’t Be Silent for Hillary

  If Bologna is the Boston of Italy, Puglia is the Cape Cod. I first heard about Puglia as a destination about 5 years ago when my friend told me that she heard it was great. “Italians are just starting to discover it,” she explained. Indeed when you go there, […]

The Boot Camp: Part 8 – Puglia

Last night I was drinking and free-associating in the shower. And my thoughts turned to a friend who had gotten pregnant at 40 something.  I thought she had dodged the bullet of no one having to talk about her in hushed tones about her “struggle.”   For those of you […]

War Womb

I hate the term “politically correct.” Which isn’t to say I hate the spirit behind it. I’m all about that. I just think it fails to accurately describe the intentions or the behavior. And even worse, it’s become a term loaded with derogatory meaning in an effort to undermine the […]

For the Love of a god That It’s Totally Cool ...